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Fiction..!!! Isn’t that interesting??

Of course, yes.

Fiction is far from your reality and near to your imaginary world. It makes you travel with your dream(jo Sapna Kabhi puri Nahi hotha).

Also, Some fiction books make you know about different people’s perspectives with their stories. It helps you to be a better individual in society.

So, let us grab some books which are going to take you to a different world and be a hero of the author’s imaginary story.

Here, the team INFOTRUCK brings the best fiction books which you can add to your bookshelf.

1. Raavan: Enemy of Aryavarta (Historical fiction)

Raavan!! As many of us know him as a villain of Ramayana. But this book takes you from baby Raavan, Naga Raavan, devotee Raavan, versatile Raavan, World-class businessman, King of SriLanka-powerful man of Asia and Enemy of Aryavarta.

Amish (Author) will introduce you to a world-class businessman, Raavan. His business strategies are going to boom your mind while reading it. You will also experience the arts of Raavan. He is good at poetry, painting, music, and as well as he created his instrument(ravanahatha). This book describes to you how these skills helped humans to characterize his picture as Dasamukh (having ten heads).

Kumbhakarna, Brother of Raavan. The way Amish narrated the story tells you Raavan’s beautiful relation with kumbhakarna. We mostly think of Ram-Lakshman for an ideal brother relation, but after going through Raavan -kumbhakarna story you may change your opinion. And you’ll also know the reason for Kumbha’s sleeping nature.

Finally, there is a big mystery at the end of the book.

Raavan is not villan but selected as a villain for Thretha yuga.” why? This question has answered in the book. To know it check out the book.

2.The Girl In Room 105 (Crime fiction)

Chetan Bhagat, listening to his name don’t confirm it as a love story. It’s a crime, mystery fiction, and a little love too.

This story revolves around IIT passed out guy Keshav and his ex-girlfriend Zara lone. Life is scattered and sad for this heartbroken Keshav. He’s unable to move on in his life. One day, He’s fully drunk suddenly he got a message from Zara after four years. He isn’t able to control himself. So, he just jumped on his bike and drove to the Zara hostel. He stepped into her room 105. From here, story changes.

When Keshav went there, he found her dead. Keshav is the last visitor to the room. So, Police suspect Keshav as a murderer.

Then, How’ll Keshav prove himself ?? And how Keshav and his friend surab will find the murderer, is the story.

The story will also address stereotypes and political issues we face in India. It’s a continuous entertainer until the end. It’s one of the best fiction Chetan created.

3.Someone Like you (Fantasy fiction)

Nikitha Singh and Dujoy Datta, the authors of the book. The kept tagline as love, friendship, and betrayal.

Yes, it’s a combination of these three feelings. It’s a story of a college girl Niharika. She is an average looking girl with specs. Before joining engineering college, she wants to visit her sister Simran’s place. Simran changes her sister to a beautiful modern girl. After that, she meets a handsome guy Akshat. They’ll like each other very instantly. Later, she goes to college and makes friends with Tanmay and Pia. Karthik, their senior who saves them from ragging always and he is a football player. Niharika starts liking Karthik also. Later, Tanmay joins the football team. One day, An incident happens in their lives. So, the story goes.

In this book, You’ll experience a girlish story. You’ll go through the girl’s thoughts, feelings, affections, fantasies, and decisions. And mostly in the climax, the fiction is overloaded. You’ll enjoy it very much.

Initially, I felt it like 50 pages one, but later on, it’s like 20 pages one. I wanted it more. I hope you’ll too feel it. Go check it out right now …..

4.The god of small things(Psychological fiction)

The God of Small Things is the debut novel of Indian writer Arundhati Roy. It is a story about the childhood experiences of fraternal twins whose lives are destroyed by the “Love Laws” that lay down “who should be loved, and how. And how much.”The book explores how small things affect people’s behavior and their lives. It won the Booker Prize in 1997.

The story is about seven years old two-egg twins Estha and Rahel. They live in their maternal grandparent’s house along with their mother (Ammu) in Kerala after their mother’s divorce. Ammu works in a family pickle factory and falls in love with Velutha (worker, an untouchable category).

Ammu’s brother(Chacko) treats them as milestones around his neck. Later, Sophie (daughter of Chacko) comes from London. The ill-fated visit end with the demise of Sophie for which twins have to pay a heavy price for it.

The kids are the biggest victims as their childhoods were snatched off, their happiness sought in small things. The story reveals history’s cruel way of taking revenge at people who break love laws.

5. Your dreams are mine now (Romantic fiction)

The novel Your Dreams are Mine Now is a powerful and poignant love story that explores the romantic relationship between Rupali and Arun. They are complete opposites and have nothing in common when it comes to their interests and priorities in life.

Rupali is a small-town girl and an idealist, whereas Arun is a Delhi guy with a keen interest in youth politics. A major incident on the college campus brings them together and somewhere along the line, they fall in love with each other. But their fight against evil comes at a heavy price which becomes the ultimate test of their lives.

Book is Set against the backdrop of campus politics at Delhi University. Your Dreams Are Mine Now is an innocent love story that will make for an engaging read for those who enjoy love stories.

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