Written by Kavya Kashapu

Have you ever asked your sister, mother, cousin, or friend whether someone threatened them by asking a favor to do something or the other? If your answer is no, then ask them now because every girl at least has a small story in her past where she felt everything was over.

Nowadays, several incidents occurred where girls and women feel so threatened, guilty, and ashamed that they cannot even
convey these hardships to anyone. Blackmail is demanding money or other benefits from someone in return for not
publishing information about them.


At first, although they act innocent and shower so much love upon you. They are very watchful and will be working on what they actually want from you. They directly or indirectly let you know what they are expecting from you with their actions and conversations. In abundant cases, they either expect money from you or to have a physical relationship with them.


If a person expects a physical relationship with you, they may plead for nude pictures and entreat to get into a physical relationship. They capture your photos privately and take videos when you are having your own time. They unhurriedly start requesting you to get physical with them. As long as you refuse, he starts the conversation emotionally.

He makes you recollect how he cared for you, how you are dependant on him, and he even starts to bring the trust issues you both had. After all these trials, if he feels that you are not going to fall into the hook.

 He may threaten you that he will send those pictures where you both are together to your parents.
 He may scare you that he will post your nudes or your personal photos on social media.

In some cases, even if you accept to get into the physical relationship for once by getting confused and diverted with their words. They are not going to be convinced and satisfied with that. They are going to intimidate you even for the second time if you deny that. They are going to show their true colors.

They would have already recorded the videos and photos when you accepted for the first time and will definitely start blackmailing you until you accept for the second time. Sometimes, they may even use their friends to threaten you and make them talk rudely and insensitively with you.


Blackmailing is a crime. In most cases, society blames girls or women for all these problems because girls do not share anything that they are going through with anyone. Sometimes, it is not as bad in real life as it may seem in your own mind.

 The first thing you should do is to talk to anyone like especially with family, friends, or others who might be concerned, disappointed, or affected emotionally by it so that they might help you to come over it.
 Take a break, create some distance from the emotion so that you can make a healthy decision logically and not emotionally.

 Seek help from the local police department. They know very well how to deal with a blackmailer who is threatening. Save the chats in which they are threatening you and show the shreds of evidence to the police. It is their responsibility to execute the law.
 Do remember that every problem has a solution and never lose hope and have faith in you.


One of the easiest ways to fall into the trap of someone’s net is getting connected emotionally with someone so deeply that you cannot even identify the person’s true nature. Generation of guilt in you for not accepting what they want is the hallmark of emotional blackmail. Being sarcastic, blaming you though you do not deserve it, keeping relationship tests, and implying threats if you deny it.

They may play with your insecurities because they know everything about you. They may even become more aggressive sometimes and even harm you in the worst cases. Some people may even avoid talking and manipulate you to let you accept for whatever they want.


If a person asks for nudes or a physical relationship with you, realize that he is not the one you are looking for. Do not become prey to someone so easily that they rule you and do whatever they wanted to. Don’t hand over the control of your happiness to someone else and never let them master your feelings.

Be with someone who finds and brings the best in you. Having trust in anyone is not a bad thing but, to what extent you trust them is so important. Loving someone is not your fault but choosing the right person who respects you and your feelings is the most important aspect of your life. Selecting your love is equal to selecting your future.


NOTE:– If someone comes to you for help regarding these issues. It’s your wish to help them or not. But, never judge and blame them without knowing their situation. Stop laughing at them and pointing them out as characterless. Stop naming them as slut, cheap, sloven, or something else. That’s none of your business. Because we never know whose turn is tomorrow.

    Written by Kavya Kashapu Have you ever asked your sister, mother, cousin, or friend whether someone threatened them by asking a favor to do something or the other? If your answer is no, then ask them now because every girl at least has a small story in her past where she felt everything was over. …


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