Coronavirus: What is the employment situation in India?

Written by Jayakrishna JK

There has been a lot of discussion around the world about how jobs are going to be in the coming days since the coronavirus outbreak began.

“Governments in different countries around the world should focus on providing assistance to their populations” Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Dooflo, a couple who won the Nobel Prize in Economics, had just warned that it would not be possible to provide employment for everyone.

There was concern about which sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, would lead to jobs. But, all this is something before March 2020.

What no one expected then happened. The coronavirus has shrunk the world. Air services, hotels, tourism, trains, and finally even buses were halted. Where things stopped right there. The masses lost their jobs.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 18.5 million people lost their jobs worldwide in the first quarter of this year (January to March). All of these are related to full time jobs.

The ILO estimates that in the second quarter (April to June), 14 percent of the world’s population, or 48 million, lost their jobs. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh … The number of people who lost their jobs in the second quarter in South Asia combined is estimated at 13.5 crore, according to an ILO report.

What will happen in the coming day?

The ILO has made three types of estimates.

It estimates that 34 million jobs could be lost worldwide between October and December, even if the coronavirus crisis subsides and the economy recovers. If the situation does not worsen, it is estimated that 14 crore jobs will be lost if it continues as it is now. Well, it is estimated that 34 crore people will lose their jobs if the situation worsens. It is not even possible now to predict which of these three evolution we are going to see.

The question now before everyone is, “How can more lives be saved?” This is followed by the question, “How can jobs be saved?” Activities in many sectors have come to a standstill due to the coronavirus crisis. Doubts about when they will start again do not go away. Now, in the running sectors, it is time to see how many new jobs can be created.

There are a lot of study reports coming in about ‘Covid Proof Jobs’. These are jobs in areas that are not affected by the coronavirus. FMCG, Agrochemical, e-Commerce, Medical, Hygiene, Logistics, Areas such as online education and IT fall under Covid Proof Jobs. Even government jobs in India are safe.

While Covid has no impact on jobs, there are some areas where life is threatened. Medical staff, police, sanitation staff, testing staff … fall into this category. This field also requires staff.

On the other hand, Manish Sabharwal, chairman of Team Lease, the largest staffing firm in India, says it is wrong to calculate unemployment figures at this time.

It is clear that the circumstances are not what they used to be. Even if the threat of coronavirus disappears, it will have an impact on the lifestyle of the population for the next 50 years. It is hard to estimate what kind of jobs and businesses will grow and what will decrease in this situation.

In What Areas Are There Job Opportunities Now?

Jobs are growing faster and faster in areas where activity is booming. The e-commerce company Amazon reportedly hired nearly 50,000 people in temporary jobs in May.

During the lockdown people tend to look for online purchases while staying at home. Its impact on e-commerce and food delivery companies is certain. The activities of companies that make food, soaps and cooking oils should be continued. The use of the Internet and phones has greatly increased due to those working from home (work from home).This is good news for telecom companies. Opportunities will increase in those areas as well. Most companies now want to save money. Advisers are also needed to provide suggestions for such.

Professional networking website LinkedIn recently revealed a list of ten types of jobs that are still understaffed. Jobs on that list … Software Engineer, Sales Representative, Project Manager, IT Administrator, Customer Service Specialist, Digital Marketer, IT Support (Help Desk), Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Graphic designer. Those in these jobs may be a bit relaxed. Others can develop skills to take advantage of these opportunities. From now on, opportunities will increase in the fields of medicine, online education, e-commerce and in the fields of trucks, trains and aviation services.

Companies looking to set up factories outside of China are likely to focus on other countries in Asia. As a result opportunities in the manufacturing sector here may increase. So far the companies have been training those who are hired for many days. Such a situation may no longer exist. Companies can focus on hiring skilled people. Psychiatric groups on the Talent e-Commerce website, on the other hand, believe that permanent jobs will no longer be the norm, and that the method of working for a fixed wage will increase depending on the assignment.

Reports Source: BBC

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