Inner beauty

Inner Beauty-It matters

written by Archana Kulkarni

Beauty inside out

What is beauty? A beautiful quote I would like to share here which means a lot to me ( “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”) was an author called Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. She included the phrase in her book ‘Molly Bawn’ (1878). Beauty is inside as well it is called kindness, love, affection not only physical looks as what I think.

I am at my last innings still searching for the answer. Is only outer beauty is important? Only inner beauty is sufficient? Or a combination of both enhance beautiful life?

This is what I think about beauty!!

Beauty is an aggregate of qualities in a person or personality that touches the mind. Beauty is more than what is on the surface. It includes both the qualities internal and external.

Beauty is “Self-respect”. Beauty is “confidence”. Beauty is “power”. Beauty is not only style, make-up, clothes, ornaments. In my view, beauty is a mindset. In that I myself feel powerful, queen, beautiful, happy, positive, loved. To appreciate me not only my plus points but my minus points. Having this confidence is not so easy, as a matter of fact, it is very hard specifically when our society only sees the outer physical beauty.

Beauty means happy the way you are in your own skin with plus-minus things in you. Inner Beauty means having confidence in you. Love what you wear, what makeup you do, and how you behave with others and not what others think about you or how others like you to be.

In “English Vinglish” I loved the dialogue Shridevi said “Thank you… for teaching me… how to love myself! Thank you for making me… feel good about myself. Thank you so much!”

So be beautiful as you want to be. No-one is ugly, love yourself, be happy, live like there is no tomorrow. Because Life always teaches us and gives answers too. Last more than 5 months Covid_19 pandemic makes us change our lifestyle, our thinking proses, our relationships.

This are the plastic surgery days. We can change our look as we want. But Inner beauty doesn’t change so it’s not depending on skin color, education, poor or rich, we can’t do plastic surgery to our mind, it’s unchanged. That is why inner beauty is very precious. And when outer beauty gets added miracles happen.

In my view try to use or apply home remedies to enhance our beauty. Some easy and powerful home remedies are here for you.

  • Drink lukewarm water squeezing lemon in it. Its control our weight, enhance immunity, Take 1 spoon curd,1 spoon honey,1spoon lemon juice mix it well, then massage your face, neck, hands with it. Wash it after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • With Luke warm water Take 20 curry leaves,1 lemon,1 inch Ginger and 1 spoon curd. Grind it in mixer, make fine pest apply on you scalp, message for at list 10 to 15 minutes. Let it for half an hour then wash it with lukewarm water

Do it at list twice a month and see the difference. Don’t use any face wash for that day when you apply face mask that I mentioned above and don’t shampoo hair when you applying hair mask that I mentioned above. You will notice remarkable difference in your face your hair and of course your weight.

Try to avoid any product which has chemicals.Donot eat junk food like pizzas, pasta, burger, aerated drinks.

When we are Happy and healthy inside out with natural way, inner beauty comes automatically. Try to see beauty in different way. Don’t judge others by outer beauty. Try to see how beautiful soul is. Don’t judge by how the smile is. Try to see positivity See the light shining from soul Which sparkles skin and enhance beauty.

So live like today is last day and enjoy every moment. It’s called “happy inside out”.

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