Written by Kavya Kashapu

First of all, before digging into the book that inspired me in many respects. I have a question for you all. How much do you know about Mahabharatha? What is the first thing you remember when you talk about Mahabharatha?

Since my childhood, I have always felt Mahabharatha is all about Krishna’s deeds, Arjuna’s skills, Karna’s abilities, Duryodana’s master plans, and ultimately Draupadi’s vasthra apaharan.

A HELPLESS AND LONELY WOMAN IS ALWAYS AN EVIL MAN’S FEAST.” This is the first line of the book that lets out so many emotions and so many incidents that earns a reader’s enthusiasm. The author mentioned in the Foreward that Draupadi had five husbands as written in her fate. Her character was extensively misunderstood and limited to just a woman who had an insatiable hunger for sex. But was that all there was about her? These words are very realistic because all we know about Draupadi is that she has five husbands, and she is the primary reason for the war Kurukshetra. But, we never thought that what made her marry five husbands.


Draupadi life and her situations is clearly discussed in this book.

The story is all about Draupadi. Her father, King Drupada arranges swayamwara for his daughter, where men from various kingdoms attend to win her and marry her. Arjuna wins the swayamwara, but as his mother tells him that everything they get will be shared among their five brothers. Draupadi is married to five men. Since when she has to face a lot of disasters in her life. She will become an object of desire for hundreds of lecherous men. Once, she was dragged into a hall by Dushasana when Pandavas failed in the dice game.

That was when she was felt like she was torn into pieces. Not only this one incident, but she had gone through so many humiliations in her life without her fault. Sometimes she even felt that she could hide her beauty somewhere so that she would never have to face any humiliations in her life. There are pounds of thoughts along with anger and sadness flooding in her mind to get an answer for what reason she was treated like that.


Vamshi Krishna is a graduate from IIT-BHU, is from a small town in Telangana. These are the only things I know about him that is mentioned in the book. But, despite of that the way he chose to write a well-known and one of the famous historical stories in an entirely different perception is appreciable.

” Kudos to the author for the representation of the character with such ease.” The unique quality of the book is the direction of storytelling. In one-way author narrates the story, and on the other door, he formulates the complete emotions of a woman undergoing such circumstances. He also correlated the past in dhwapara yuga with the present in kali yuga where it felt like everything was repeating.

Along with the story portrayal, he also depicted his thoughts in between. There are so many incredible lines he wrote in the book during every scene of the story.

  • Any man can become a husband, but not every husband can be a man.
  • Silence can speak volumes and can be scarier than anger. And nothing can be worse if that silence is coming from a woman.
  • If there is anything in this universe that can make a man lose his discretion, it is his hunger for sex.
  • To protect Draupadi from the evil forces that day, one Krishna was sufficient. But for the world we are living in now, rescuing Draupadi from the wicked men, each one of us needs to turn into a Krishna.

These are my most favorite lines in the book that made me think for a couple of minutes.


Although, I knew the story a little bit through my books when I was in school. Mahabharatha is always a great history that happened in India because there are so many things we can learn from the story. But, it is mostly about men, their powers, and their strengths. The primary attraction is always the war in which Arjuna killed Karna with the help of Lord Krishna.

In Mahabharatha, though we know that Draupadi is one of the bravest women, Pandavas respects her a lot like their mother and the beloved and closest to Lord Krishna. But the thing is no one has ever mentioned how difficult it was for her to go through all of that happened in front of the sabha. No one has mentioned about her pain. It is very arduous to express when people treat us as sex objects and judge us by our consequences.

Unless this book is the treasure of women’s thoughts and feelings. Even though it has all happened in the past, and it is about a woman who went through a lot. But still, in the present situations, women are facing sexual abuse, treated as sex objects, don’t have any value for their work, and are not treated as we deserve. So, nothing has changed.

These kinds of books can really help to let people understand how difficult it would be for women to undergo such circumstances without their faults.

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